Pi Beta Phi
at the University of Guelph
Chapter Leadership

Introducing our 2020 Chapter Leadership Team...

Name: Maddy Barone

Position: Chapter President 

Major: Criminal Justice and Public Policy 

Fun Fact: She's watched most (if not ALL) true crime documentaries on Netflix

Position: Vice President Operations (Vacant)

Name: Daniella Mancini 

Position: Vice President Risk Management 

Major: Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Fun Fact: She can play 4 instruments

Name: Jewel Lindemann

Position: Vice President Member Experience 

Major: Child, Youth and Family

Minor: Psychology 

Fun Fact: She's been camping since she was 1 day old

Name: Paola Varela 

Position: Vice President Finance 

Major: Applied Human Nutrition 

Fun Fact: She was born in Mexico

Name: Brooke Morton

Position: Vice President Community Relations 

Major: Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Minor: Sociology

Fun Fact: She's obsessed with reality TV


Name: Chole Demers

Position: Vice President Recruitment 

Major: Child, Youth and Family

Minor: Psychology

Fun Fact: She's been on a glacier and drank it’s water! Ps it’s delicious 

Name: Abbey Lee

Position: Director Social Events

Major: Studio Arts

Fun Fact: She is bilingual

Name: Vanessa Anzil 

Position: Director Policy and Prevention Education

Major: Honours Psychology

Minor: Child, Youth and Family 

Fun Fact: She can name any dog breed from a picture 

Name: Stefania Perrella 

Position: Director Member Conduct

Major: Criminal Justice and Public Policy

Minor: Pyschology 

Fun Fact: Her first language is Italian 

Name: Gillian Lackie

Position: Member Conduct Committee

Major: Psychology   

Minor: Neuroscience

Fun Fact: She has hiked from Las Vegas to Utah

Name: Alex Nigh

Position: Member Conduct Committee

Major: Honours English

Fun Fact: She was in Tim Hortons ad's

Name: Brittany Pompilii

Position: Director New Member Experience 

Major: Psychology

Minors: Family and Child Studies, English

Fun Fact: She loves reading and collecting books

Name: Matea Andonova 

Position: Director Lifelong Membership

Major: Biomedical Science 

Minor: Neuroscience 

Fun Fact: She has moved to a different city 5 times 

Name: Nicole Deslauriers

Position: Director Academics 

Major: Wildlife Biology and Conservation

Fun Fact: She is both a Canadian and European Citizen

Name: Catherine Groves

Position: Director Fraternity Heritage 

Major: Biomedical Sciences 

Fun Fact: She works at the local animal shelter 

Name: Jennie Martow

Position: Director Member Finances 

Major: Psychology

Minor: Statistics 

Fun Fact: She loves her dog more than most people

Name: Leane Gaussorgues

Position: Director Service and Philanthropy 

Major: Animal Biology

Fun Fact: She has lived in 4 different countries and will have a dual citizenship soon

Name: Lauren Yee

Position: Director PR and Marketing 

Major: Applied Human Nutrition 

Fun Fact: She loves downhill skiing and used to race

Name: Melissa Hardman

Position: Director Recruitment Events

Major: Biomedical Science 

Minor: Psychology

Fun Fact: She's a vet assistant in the ER of an emergency hospital

Name: Talia Dee

Position: Director Membership Selection 

Major: Animal Biology

Fun Fact: ​​​​​​​She went on a volunteer trip to Laos in Southeast Asia this past summer to work with elephants

Name: Caitlyn Graves

Position: Director Leadership 

Major: French Studies

Fun Fact: She is so sentimental and loves spoiling people

Name: Leah Wood

Position: Leadership and Nominating Committee

Major: Biomedical Toxicolgy 

Fun Fact: ​​​​​​​She has read over 100 books in one summer

Name: Emma Jedan

Position: Leadership and Nominating Committee

Major: International Development 

Fun Fact: She will be backpacking through Europe this summer

Name: Silvia Rosina Spinn

Position: Leadership and Nominating Committee

Major: Hotel and Food Administration 

Fun Fact: She has travelled to over 15 countries